November 15, 2008

Fire Season

We sometimes tell people that Southern California has two seasons -- Fire and Mudslide. We're in the middle of the Fire Season. Big one in the news is 90 miles away from my home:

map of SoCal fire

Even so, when I out riding today the smoke clouds came in and I'm experiencing irritation of eyes nose and throat. The ashes from this fire will drop worldwide.

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Surfing at the Dealership

FINALLY!!! The L.A. Car Guy finally got the WiFi up and working at Pacific Volkeswagen; now I can connect wirelessly while waiting for them to service Wendy's Beetles.

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November 09, 2008



It went easier than expected. The small hole back center is big enough to slip a jack through, so I did not have to take the jacks apart and re-terminate. Just unsnap, reroute the cable through the bottom, remove the two screws holding the monument grommet plate on and mount the base using those same screws. Snap the jacks back in, replace cover, screw down, replace lable.

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Carry More

Occasionally I've had to take two trips to the store 'cause I couldn't carry everything in a single trip. Solution: more carry capacity.

Found a plastic crate in the trash at work, cut a couple of pieces from the bottom so it would slip over the sissybar. Hmmm... a couple of u-bolts, not quite, add a steel bar, perfect. Easy on-off, tighten the u-bolts and it is remarkably solid.

Got to test it out today, went to Top Value, picked up my tea ($1.18 for 100 tagless bags), sugar, a head of cabbage (for rolling) four large bell peppers (for stuffing) and a large cucumber (hey, it was only $.33!). That all went into the saddlebags with room to spare. Then across the street to Smart and Final for a box of wine, and since I was there a sixpack of corned beef hash, a family size box of Triscuits, and an 18-pack of eggs. The eggs got to ride in a saddlebag while everything else went into the box.

I like it!! Worked Perfect!!

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