April 28, 2008

KTS trouble (boring!!!)

Got a trouble ticket Friday for the Hawthorne Central Office -- the carrier phones are not ringing. Precisely just the KTS carrier phones, the parallel Nortel/Spectralink wireless phones work fine. The problem is definitely in the 1A2 Key Telephone System. You know those old business telephones with the buttons that would light up, dating from the '40's or '50's?? We still use them.

Anyhow, poke around and see that the trouble is something on the ringing pair that is dragging the voltage down.

The first two pictures are pink boards -- the KTS equipment for the first two of the six carrier lines. The top pair is the incoming dial tone. Usually there is just the one jumper on the top pair, but sometimes a line bell will be tie there. Or, in this case, a jumper to parallel the dial tone over to the Nortel system. Second pair is the talk pair going to the KTS telephones. Third is the A-A1 control leads. Fourth is the Lamp-Lamp ground leads. Fifth, bottom, is the B-R1 leads which provide ringing to the phones. (Ringing on KTS is optional and extra cost.) Since all the carrier lines appear on all of the carrier phones, all the bells leads of all six carrier lines are tie to each other and to every carrier phone that rings.

So I start with '08, lift the cross connects, call the line and check the voltage. Good. Punch down a pair, good. Another, still good. Punch the last pair, sure 'nuff, kills the ringing. Trace to the B-R1 of the '09 line, which has three more jumpers on it. We could be looking at a hour or two tracing jumpers here. OR the gods might just smile upon us. Pull a jumper off and the voltage jumps up to normal. AND that jumper goes to a floor cable rather than to another line. (third picture, the 25 pairs of floor cable #63.)

Ah.... But where does that cable go? This installation predates OCS -- there is no drawing of where on the floor each cable goes. However, I have the bell lead lifted -- therefor if the phone rings it is not the phone I'm looking for. Find cable 63 hanging from the cable racks down behind the desks in the frame/carrier admin area. It goes to one of the big boxes that allow you to attach two 75-pair phone cables to one 75 pair cable from the KTS equipment. Pull cables to find the bad one (phones ring), replace and trace. (phones stop ringing) It goes to a CPC, a smaller 25 pair adapter to connect two phones to one cable. Pull the feed cable, phones ring. Pull a phone cable, replace feed cable, ringing stops. BUT..... the lighting is poor near the floor and I thought I saw a flash in the CPC. Pull the other phone cable -- all I have is the feed cable and the CPC. No bells. Pull apart, bells. Connect, no bells. Separate, bells. HEY!! It's a bad CPC. A first! (Hence the blog entry.)

Wingo ripped it apart and on the backside, the protected side, something got across the traces and caused a bit of arc'ing. Cute.

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April 18, 2008

Avaya Stand/table

Welded Table Frame The Avaya Definity Media Gateway is a box approximately (if memory serves) 27" wide, 22" deep, and 19" tall. I'm installing one for the new call center. If I set it on the floor it's a tripping hazzard. So I built a 30" square 36" tall table out of 3/16" angle iron. Just need to bolt to the floor, add a plywood top, and clamp the Avaya box to the table top. We get to work on it without stooping.

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April 13, 2008

Rather Warm Today...

Yahoo Weather Grab It's rather warm today. Was going to do Kielbasa and saurkraut with potato pancakes -- but that takes three stove burners going for 30-45 minutes. I think I'll BBQ instead so I add zero heat to the house.

It's days like today that I really enjoy hopping on the bike and rolling along at 35-40 mph. Don't understand why people will keep their windshields on their bikes during the summer.....

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April 08, 2008

Assaulted Battery

Did you know that letting a battery go totally flat three times in three years is a good way to kill it? I knew that. Didn't let it stop me!

Last Tuesday I came home with a screaming headache (no, not the wife) roll into the garage, kickstand down kills the engine, into the house.

Next morning can't find my keys. Oh, there they are, in the ignition. HORIZONAL. Take the cage to work, come home, put the bike on the charger.

Next morning, disconnect charger, fire up, ride to work. Quitting time, won't start. Push the bike over to the mechanics, get a jump, raise the idle, ride home. Shut down, try to restart -- NOTHING after a 4 mile ride. Battery is deader than a doornail.

Ordered a Big Crank. It's somewhere between Chicago and Los Angeles. Today was my fourth day in the cage. ARRRRGH!!

At least I'm in a decent cage.....

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April 06, 2008

Your .44

Wendy's 44th Birthday was March 17th. I had planned her birthday present since last year. Naturally I put off getting it until it would not arrive until over a week late. Since before we met she has wanted a Ruger Old Army .44. Her boyfriend got her a cheap Italian replica .31 pocket colt. I got her the real thing:

Once she had gotten her present then we could go out for her birthday dinner -- to one of our favorites, Clearman's North Woods Inn. They have this two salad thing, a couple of lumberjack steaks, baked potato with cheesy butter. Life is good.

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April 03, 2008

Fiber to the Prem!

One of the holdups was a lack of fiber in out diet.... Last year I mentioned that I did not see any fiber entering the building. Then they found that the conduit across the street to the fiber run was blocked. But they kept at it and this week they dug up Western Avenue, fixed the conduit, pulled in an interduct and then pulled in the fiber:

Of course that doesn't mean anyone has actually connected the fiber to anything. It sure is not connected at the building end. There is no equipment in the little room they built for the fiber termination rack. But all that is minor compared with not having any fiber run to the premise.

Meanwhile, the carpet is still on pallets and my racks are still free to wander.

I have roughly 70,000 feet of Quad-cat5-four pair cable ready to run. My cable trays are up and secured in the two telephone equipment rooms (TE1 and TE2) As soon as the carpet is laid and the racks are bolted down I can mount the equipment and patch panels and call in some help to run the floor cables.

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April 01, 2008

Hands hurt....

Tie Cables - copper and fiberThis morning I rolled 170 feet of 100 pair cable off the big wooden reel onto the little spinner. Was going to do a 50 pair as well, but the one reel we have only had 150 feet left on it. I need 71 pairs to bring the phone lines from TE2 to TE1. I like gross overkill, but I really have no need for more than 75 pairs, 100 pair is overkill. Loaded it into the van with my 250 foot reel of interduct.

Over at the new call center, in TE1, I set up the two short reels of quad cat-5, the spinner with the 100 pair, and the interduct. Pulled it through the 137 feet of conduit. Tomorrow, in TE2, I'll place each at or about it's final location, then the same downstairs. Will have about 75 feet of interduct left over, will use some to take the fiber in TE2 from the 8540 router in the line of relay racks over the cable racks to the Avaya media gateway across the aisle.

Oh, yeah. As of April 1st my racks are still free to dance around the room and the carpet is still on the pallets.

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