February 29, 2008

Crew Breakfast

Had a good turnout today:
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Left to right:
John Graham, still working, will retire when TOK does.
Jackie Chambers, retired January 2004
Don Borne, retired December 31st, 2003
Mike Andruschak, still working, will retire between 5 minutes and 5 years from now.
Jewel Bumpas, retired April 2001
Clydean Lovett, promoted, still working, will retire 'next year'
Doug Wingo, still working, plans on retiring March 25th, 2009
John Crocker, retired December 31st, 1992
Don Wood, AKA Santa Claus, retired Christmas Day, 1995
Grace Williams, retired December 31st, 2004
Joe Baca, retired December 31st, 2003
Jim Matson, retired December, 2003
Lee Swearinger, retired November 2002
Alan Hamblin, retired December 2003
Phil Wentworth, retired January 2001
The Boss, TOK, still working, the reason Harbor OCS functions.

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February 22, 2008


ex-fire hydrant, Torrance blvd at Figueroa, 2:50pm Feb 22 2008Heading back to the barn I get to drive through a minor flood. Looks like someone hit the fire hydrant on the NE corner of Fig and Torrance. Those things have a lot more pressure than what is at the house! I'd guess a 40-50 foot tall fountain. Unfortunately I'm in the company van and really can't do much but snap a picture while waiting for the light to change. Heading north on Fig along with the water -- it was up over the curb!

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February 15, 2008

Proud Bird, again

Lovebirds at the Proud Bird
As I said last year, they do Valentine's Day Proud. LINK

Since we had reservations we walked in at 7pm and were seated immediately even though there were people waiting. Started with crab stuffed mushrooms with a bottle of BV Cabernet Sauvignon. Wendy had the soup, not caring for clam chowder I had the salad -- no iceberg lettuce but lots of other interesting things. Main course for both of us was the prime rib, about hand sized, inch thick, medium rare, and being pigs neither of us left anything to take home in a doggie bag. Desert was some sort of mousse thing with a pair of chocolate dipped strawberries. Ended chatting over a c couple of cups of coffee to give the alcohol time to metabolize down to legal limits (note glazed stares, right.)

We didn't get out 'til past 10. $140 including a hefty tip.

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February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Eve

Lines outside SEESLines inside SEESPeople are stupid. Why would you procrastinate on something like getting a box of See's Candy for your Valentine? I mean, just LOOK at all these people lining up at See's at 4 pm Valentine Day's Eve!! You think they would have done this very important shopping days or even weeks ago (it is not like chocolates go bad quickly!)

Getting in my way......

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