August 17, 2006

Short Lived

According to my blog entry for July 24th, 2003, that is when I finished the install of the last LAN upgrade at 2154. Just barely over three years ago. Today I took all of the routers and switches out.

I hadn't mentioned it here, but part of the reason the blog was ignored is that I had two rather large projects going:
(1) At 21281 a switch of the first floor off the ISDN system and onto the Avaya system. (A virtual move to texas as that is where the Avaya system pulls it's dial tone from.)
(2) At Birch, udgrading the LAN feeds to DS3, new routers and switches, and installing a Cisco VOIP phone system for part of those being kicked out of 2154. The group that I had to run five miles of Cat-5e cable for when they moved into 2154, about three years ago.

The clients have done their moves and the building is being cleaned out to be sold. Haven't received any orders to do so but I figured I should get in and remove the switches before someone else did and we have to buy them back off of eBay.

The switches are in my van, I'll unload them in the morning to be shipped to the MUC. I also expect a trouble ticket in the morning asking me to check on the LAN that seems to have died -- I'm quite sure no one has told the Network Control people that this LAN was being killed.

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August 16, 2006

Vehicle Cell Phone User

Posted by Veritas (AKA Brad, a 22 y-o in Boston Mass.) on

So I went into radio shaft yesterday looking for a replacement service cause I don't like nextel anymore.

The guy sees me and starts the whole phone sales pitch... blah blah blah...

I choose a phone with bluetooth and such and he starts to ring up the sale. Halfway through getting my information, he tells me about the bluetooth capabilities of the phone and how he has an earpiece that may fit nicely in my FF helmet I was carrying.

Him: "I have an earpiece that'll fit in that helmet..."
Me: *stares blankly*
Him: "You'll be able to set the phone to answer for you after a couple rings and you can talk like that..."
Me: "Oh, you're serious? You think it's ok to talk on the phone and ride at the same time? Do you use a cell phone when you drive your car?"
Him: "Yes, I do. It's very safe."
Me: "People like me get killed by people like you..."

And I walked out of the store.

Amen! At least drunk drivers are trying to pay attention and thus are a lesser danger than cell phone users.

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August 13, 2006

BIG TRUCK -- tiny street

The kennel Wendy works at is on a private road. "Road" is a bit of a misnomer -- it is actually an alley. It is only wide enough for two cars abreast. Parking is allowed -- it IS a private road. You can see Wendy's Camaro, and there were a half dozen more vehicles in front of it.

Anyhow, Saturday I stopped by for a visit. About to leave on my motorcycle when this TRUCK enters the alley. Which wouldn't be to bad except that (1) the road is not wide enough to safely handle such a huge rig and (2) the road is not constructed to support such a heavy rig. It is, after all, constructed to driveway or alley standards.

It was interesting watching the gut squeeze his big rig btweeen the far wall and the neighbor's car:

It is only a matter of time before (1) a big rig hits one of the cars or (2) they break the pavement.

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August 02, 2006


We're going on a cruise next month. We will be having a formal diner so we needed dress clothes. Wendy got a new dress, I got a new suit. To carry them onto the ship we needed a bag that would not crush/wrinkle them. Went shopping, found a luggage store, found an American Tourister rolling garment bag that was just about perfect. Discounted from the MSRP to only $160.

404-351-7410 Went online to Froogle, found the same bag over at Atlanta Luggage for only $120. With no sales tax. Free shipping. Ordered it on-line last night, about 22 hours ago. It is already in the hands of UPS on it's way to California. Wow! Dirt cheap and blazing fast. What more could you ask for? (How about a huge selection -- yeah, they got that too.)

After having Bike Bandit cancel the order for my brake pads without telling me (when I found out they were removed from my favorites, I'll spend my motorcycle dollars elsewhere) and the bit with M&P Superstores taking a couple of weeks to ship my laptop THIS was an extremely pleasant experience.

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