April 15, 2006


Walking barefoot in the kitchen I kicked a pan that had been left on the floor for the dogs to clean. Hard. Smack on the middle toe. It is very sore, worse pain than when I sawed my finger down the center. Turned pretty colors. Wendy says I broke it. Luckily it's the right foot so I can still shift the motorcycle.

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April 06, 2006

Training Rooms

It's been over a year since they closed the Torrance training facility. Originally I was supposed to convert the first floor of the 41 building into a new training center, but no one told them that the building was going to be sold. The revamped plan was two training rooms in the 81 building, upstairs where the district office used to be (about a decade ago.) Yesterday I labled the last telephone and pronounced the rooms ready for occupancy. Also took a panoramic picture of the two rooms -- a 180 degree view from the southeast corner along the west walls to the northeast corner. With the dividing wall inbetween:

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