October 06, 2016


16 years ago we got DSL. Got my first router, a used Cayman Systems, that keep me up in spite of having 20,000 feet of loop from the C.O.. I liked it because it had a log of everything happening on boot up.

Cayman Systems was bought by Netopia, and they continued producing the Made in U.S.A. Cayman Router.

But as with everything, people prefer cheap to quality and Netopia followed the market and stopped making the Cayman and made lesser but cheaper routers. After many years, my old Cayman broke, and I also went for a cheaper router. Over the years, three or four lesser routers failed. Current has problems, and takes several minutes to reset. Saw an ad for a used Cayman 3220-H, good working. Not expensive. Figured to try getting the Cayman, since it was the best router for keeping up with bad loops. Bought it.

Box arrived, label on the side:

But it felt light.... a bit smaller than I remembered. Open and checked. The label lied, it is not a Cayman, a lesser made in China Netopia router:

I shipped the router back. I go with Amazon because Amazon will return your money when the vendor lies.

Posted by Paladin at October 6, 2016 04:21 PM
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