June 27, 2016

Licence Plate Mount - Corrected

The license plate mount as sent from Amazon and the mount as I have corrected.

The license plate mount from VXMOTOR is mostly standard, only difference in vehicles in the bolt that fits the tow hook hole. The sent me a 3" long bolt. Totally unacceptable. Asked for a 1.5" bolt. Sent me a 2.25" bolt. HEY! They said that's the shortest they have. Ah bother!


While I couldn't shorten the 3" bolt, I could shorten the 2.25" bolt. The problem is the hole in the center, for the bolt to connect the plate to the tow bolt. If I had the 3" would have to drill the center and tap for the small bolt. With the 2.25" bolt it could handle the small bolt.

Extended the flats for the 17mm, cut 7/16" off the end, and it worked!

Posted by Paladin at June 27, 2016 07:14 PM
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