March 27, 2008

More work stuff

At the new call center we have the whole 2nd floor, 3/4ths of the 1st floor, nothing on the third floor. Early meetings working up the layout.... "I need two terminal rooms" First draft had my two terminal rooms, both on the first floor. We like to feed each floor from equipment on that floor -- saves running up and down stairs on a case of trouble. "I need two terminal rooms, one on each floor."

Since the majority of people are on the second floor, that's where I placed the main terminal room. I assumed the same equipment that exists at the old call center... five relay racks, the server cabinet, the Avaya media gateways, and the Verint Ultra . I asked for 240 square feet. Second set of plans came out. No measurements on it, but I paced out pillar spacing and figured my room to be closer to 220 sq.ft.. There was a small storeroom next to my room. "If you delete this wall you can expand my terminal room...." Never hurts to ask! "NO!!" Sheesh! However, on the final plans, my roughly 15'x16' room had the storeroom added as an alcove. See! It never hurts to ask!.

This was cool, as it allowed the row of five racks to exist with walk-around on both ends. At the old call center the racks have one side against the wall and it is tough working on that side of the rack. Not so for the new location, thanks to the extra space. Then I find out that the two relay racks with the OC-12 termination will not be in my room. This is a shared facility, so the fiber termination goes into common area. So I ended up with room to spare, room for storing spares, room for future growth, room to get past someone working:

Main Equipment Room Plan

They start building, I plan what I need. Can't order until I know I'll have a room to put it in, as in "the flooring is installed" so people don't have to move several hundred pounds out of the room to lay the floor covering. Eventually get there:

As you can see, I have my unequal flange seismic level four equipment racks, the four-post server rack, the floor marked for the Avaya and the Verint, marked for where I'll need my floor anchors.

You'll note, no anchors.....

EVERY building I've worked has had substantial floors -- three inches or so of concrete. The Central Offices are more like six inches, with the support pillars on sixteen foot centers -- C.O.s do not fall down! This place? Looks like 1" plywood with a inch or so of concrete-like material on top. No inches of solid concrete to anchor my equipment. So they're trying to figure how to bolt my racks down. I figure just drill 1.25" holes and use 1/2" spring-toggle bolts. Any earthquake that has the racks ripping the floor up will have the buildings flattened anyhow. But I'm not an engineer, I don't know material strengths and the math involved -- told them that from the start.

Also, if you look out the door of my equipment room you'll see the pallets of carpetting. They been there for over three weeks. They were ready to lay the carpet down when it rained and water came in through the windows. I can't run my cables and leave them on the floor for the carpet people to smear glue on.... Until I have the racks and carpet in I cannot run cable. If I start Monday I might make the scheduled move in date. Not looking good.

Posted by Paladin at March 27, 2008 09:35 PM